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Remanufactured Components
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Komatsu Reman products provide a high quality low cost alternative to buying new or even workshop repairs.
Remanufactured Components
Save Money : By utilising Reman and returning your old / failed component you can save up to 50% or more of the cost of a new component.
Save Time : Along with cost savings comes a significant reduction in machine down time. Down time is reduced to the time it takes to remove the failed component and install the Reman component.
Exchange process
Save the Environment : Your decision to use a Reman component is not only good for your business but also represents a positive gesture to the environment, as the remanufacturing process involves the salvaging of raw materials, which significantly reduces waste.
Component Delivery : After receiving your Reman component you are expected to return your old / failed component for evaluation and processing.
Remanufacturing : All Reman components are remanufactured using only genuine Komatsu parts and are upgraded to the latest technical specifications. The components are fully performance tested and provided with a full ‘as-new’ warranty.
Stock Availability : All finished goods are stored in the Komatsu European parts warehouse in Vilvoorde, Belgium to guarantee delivery throughout Europe within 24hrs.