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The new Qmax tooth system for utility machines cost-effectively improves
performance and productivity, giving businesses the optimised tools to maintain
their competitive edge.Through innovations such as these, we're driving
businesses forward and confirming our commitment to customer excellence.

The Qmax tooth system does just that. It digs better, is easier to replace and offers a good return on investment -- vital in today's competitive marketplace. Designed in Italy and using advanced cast metallurgy, it has a high tolerance to stress and is resistant to wear and breakage, even in hard and rocky materials. The precision cast metal moulding provides tight dimensional control and a perfect fit between adapter and tooth.  



Furthermore, the teeth are self-sharpening to ensure better penetration,higher productivity and lower fuel consumption with more precision and longer service life.Through numerous important technological improvements, the Qmax system delivers significant operational and economic benefits such as increased productivity, fast bucket turn around time and lower costs and downtime.

 Qmax You don't even need specialized tools to change the tip anymore: a simple tap is all it takes to replace the pin on both flush and 1 1/2-strap adapter for loaders and excavators. As only the tip and pin need replacing, 50% less scrap metal is thrown away. Less waste not only cuts costs, it helps the environment - a cause Komatsu wholeheartedly supports. This patented system is a product of our strict engineering practices and meets our unrivalled quality standards, so you can be sure of your investment.