Komatsu TOPCON solution

All Komatsu dozers and excavators offer the ability to integrate Topcon machine control systems.
This means all the cables, brackets, hydraulics and settings needed for the machine control systems
are installed when the machine is delivered Komatsu-Topcon integrated Laser and 3DMC GPS systems
enable machine indication or automatic machine control solutions that are accurate to the centimetre or
millimetre. This provides stakeless grading and earthmoving solutions for road and railway construction,
landfills, site work, etc.
Keeping the user in mind, Komatsu-Topcon machine control systems feature a modular set-up. A basic
installation offers all the fundamental machine controls functions. From there, the machine can be
upgraded to slope, laser or GPS control. This modular approach guarantees complete compatibility and
upgradeability from the start and for years to come.

Some Komatsu dozers are now fitted with a factory standard Plug and Play provision, making it very easy to install Topcon 2D and 3D blade control systems.

Intelligent Machine Control

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