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Komatsu Financial Europe
Komatsu Finance In this world of growing anxiety, Komatsu's "Circle of Experts" wants to bring more peace of mind to all acquirers of Komatsu machines. By establishing itself as an expert in providing tailor-made financing solutions, Komatsu creates a win-win situation between the customer and their different distribution channels.
Komatsu Finance Komatsu Finance is the glue that cements Komatsu's Circle of Experts. They offer an integrated package designed to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership throughout the life of a machine. It includes support services such as remarketing, customized service contracts, extended warranties, KOMTRAX™ (Komatsu's satellite monitoring system), and, retail finance, one of the pillars of Komatsu's package.
Komatsu is a top manufacturer on the market today and, as such, sells many machines. Of course, fierce competition and ever improving technology make it necessary to continue giving customers better reasons to buy them - and one of the great benefits that Komatsu Finance offers is that customers will always have the ongoing opportunity to use the most advanced Komatsu models. Komatsu Finance
On a regular basis, when a new Komatsu machine with the latest technology is available, customers have the flexibility to update or swap their current unit for the most recent model. Their financing contract is renewed and lease payments renegotiated to always offer the best financial options. The previous model is put back into the Komatsu distribution channels or sent through the remarketing process where it possibly can be adapted to market needs and re-sold to another Komatsu customer with a different budget and demands.
Komatsu Finance When customers choose Komatsu Finance they also get:
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • High Quality maintenance performed by expert Komatsu technicians that keep machines in top condition
  • High Residual Value of their machine at the end of the operational lease
  • The latest available model and technology
    ... and, above all, total peace of mind.