Komatsu technologies
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Wide, spacious cab:
 SpaceCab™ The newly designed, wide and spacious cab includes a heated air suspension seat with reclining backrest. The seat height and longitudinal inclination are easily adjusted using a pull-up lever. You can also set the operational posture of the armrest and the position of the console to suit your needs. Reclining the seat further enables you to place it into the fully flat state with the headrest attached.
Low-noise design:
 SpaceCab™ The newly designed cab is highly rigid and has excellent sound absorption ability. Thorough improvement of the noise source reduction technology and the use of low-noise engine, hydraulic equipment and air conditioner mean this machine generates very low noise levels, similar to that of a passenger car.
Low vibration with cab damper mounting:
A multi-layer viscous mount system incorporates a longer stroke and the addition of a spring. The new cab damper mounting combined with a high-rigidity deck reduces vibration at the operatorís seat.
New, safe SpaceCab™:
 SpaceCab™ Specifically developed for Komatsu excavators, the new cab is designed with a tubular steel frame. The framework provides high durability and impact resistance with very high impact absorbancy. The seat belt keeps the operator in the safety zone of the cab in the event of a roll over.