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Complete Machine Status

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Pro active maintenance

KOMTRAX™ allows proactive and intelligent preventive maintenance for your machines. Once a day, the KOMTRAX™ website displays information on each machineís performance, including service meter readings and cautions. Combined with the systemís maintenance reminders, this helps to identify and address potential problems that might arise during routine service checks. This ensures parts availability for faster repairs and enhances machine availability.

Cautions and warnings

KOMTRAX™ monitors the temperature of the engine coolant and a warning is displayed if it exceeds a limit. This early information can protect your machine from expensive repairs. KOMTRAX™ also shows any caution displayed to the machine operator, along with the time it occurred and its duration.

Working conditions

Working conditions can be better monitored by knowing hydraulic pressure levels and machine loads. With KOMTRAX™ activated on your Komatsu construction machine, early warning signs of a potential overload -or under load - will help you determine if you are using the correct machine size for the task.