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 Full machine monitoring

Full Machine Monitoring

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Easy monitoring

To access your machine information, simply log on to the web-based application from any computer. KOMTRAX™ utilises a network of global positioning satellites and a map visual to tell you exactly where your machine is at all times. This will assist you with logistics, fuel deliveries and scheduled maintenance.

Increased efficiency

For construction machines, you can check the difference between total engine operating hours and the time spent on actual work. Idling engines become obvious, and you can clearly see how efficient your machines really are then apply any required cost saving solutions. For crawler excavators, a chart lets you monitor monthly fuel usage and helps to schedule fuel deliveries and calculate total costs for a job site.

Accurate and timely data

KOMTRAX™ provides you with precise data: when an engine was started and shut down, total engine running time, service meter readings, and information about an eventual unauthorised machine use. A month by month summary gives a yearly overview of the engine’s operating time. With this level of detail at your fingertips, you can better manage your machine’s performance, improve its overall profitability and lower your operational costs.