Why you need KOMTRAX™
...KOMTRAX™ does it all!
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KOMTRAX™, Komatsu’s state of the art satellite monitoring system helps you to work more effectively. It saves you time and maximises your profits. Thanks to KOMTRAX™ you can enhance your machine warranty to five years. By signing a maintenance contract with your local Komatsu partner, you can take full control of your machine costs.

 Full machine monitoring Full machine monitoring
Get detailed operation data to know when your machines are used and how productive they are. more...
 Total fleet management Total fleet management
Keep track of the location of your machines at all times and discourage unapproved usage or theft. more...
 Complete machine status Complete machine status
Receive warnings, alerts and cautions, via a web site or by e-mail, to help with maintenance planning and for longer machine life. more...