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Superior protection for your equipment

Komatsu lubricants are specifically formulated to protect heavy-duty equipment. Like our machines, our lubricants are engineered to the highest standards. Used as recommended, our premium quality lubricants help to reduce oil consumption, lower maintenance costs and extend equipment life.

Diesel Engine Oil
 Lubricants Komatsu Diesel Engine Oil reduces components wear, as well as oil and fuel consumption. It is designed for diesel engines using low sulfur fuels and it is especially recommended for the new generation of Tier 3 engines.
Hydraulic Oil
 Lubricants Komatsu Hydraulic Oil is designed for Komatsu hydraulic systems. It protects against wear in a wide range of climates, prevents rust and corrosion, and reduces foaming. It also has long life due to its excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
Powertrain Oils
 Lubricants Komatsu Powertrain Oils deliver superior protection for transmissions, swing machinery, damper, steering case and final drives. They provide wear and heat resistance and extend transmission life.
Axle Oil
 Lubricants Komatsu Wet Brake Lubricant is specifically blended to ensure outstanding performance of multi disc clutches used in limited slip differential and in oil immerged disc brakes. It reduces wet brake chatter and it has excellent load carrying capacity.
Supercoolant AF-NAC
 Lubricants Komatsu Supercoolant AF-NAC provides high corrosion and cavitation protection. It is ethylene glycol based and environmentally friendly as it does not contain amine, borate and silicate. It is designed for cast iron engines and aluminum engines, and cooling systems made of aluminum or copper alloys.
Komatsu Genuine Diesel Engine Oil is a DH-1 class oil especially recommended for the new generation of Tier 3 engines requiring superior lubricating performance. Tier 3 regulations call for a 40% reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) in off-road diesel engine emissions from construction equipment. NOx gases are invisible and regarded as carcinogens and green house gases. Our DH-1 oil has high thermal stability and outstanding detergent and dispersant properties. Thermal stability is the ability of a lubricant to resist oxidation under high temperature operating conditions. Oxidation occurs when oxygen combines with the oil causing increased viscosity and deposit formation. Detergency and dispersancy are properties that keep soot and insoluble matter suspended in the oil, thus preventing deposits that are harmful to the engine operation. Using Komatsu Genuine Diesel Engine Oil results in better engine cleanliness, less component wear and the reduction of maintenance costs.