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Wheel Loaders : WA150-5

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Full Specs

Type  Komatsu SAA4D102E, water-cooled, 4-stroke, turbocharged, with air-to-air intercooler 
Rated power  71 kW/95 HP (SAE J1349) 
at engine speed  2.000 rpm 
Torque/engine speed  max. 402 Nm/1.300 rpm 
No. of cylinders 
Bore stroke  102 120 mm 
Displacement  3,9 ltr 
Injection system  Direct injection 
Lubricating system  Gear pump, pressure feed lubrication filter 
Filter  Main-flow filter 
Electrical system  24 V 
Battery  105 Ah 
Alternator  60 A 
Air-filter type  Dry-air filter with automatic dust emission and preliminary purification including a dust display 
Drive system  Electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission, switchable in all directions under full power Fixed ratio gearbox. Variable speed limiter 
Hydrostatic pump  1 variable piston pump 
Hydrostatic motor  2 variable piston motors 
Speed ranges (forwards/backwards)  4/4 
Max. travel speeds (forwards/backwards)(Tyres 17.5 R25)   
1./2. speed range  13,6 km/h 
3. speed range  21 km/h 
4. speed range  39 km/h 
Chassis and Tyres
System  4-wheel drive 
Front axle  HD axle, semi-floating, fixed type LSD/TPD-differential 
Rear axle  HD axle, semi-floating, center-pin support LSD/TPD-differential, 30 swing angle 
Reduction gear  Spiral bevel gear 
Differential  Straight bevel gear pair 
Final drive  Planetary gear in an oil bath 
Tyres  17.5 R25 (standard) 
Service refill capacities
Cooling system  17 ltr 
Fuel tank  133 ltr 
Motor oil  12,5 ltr 
Hydraulic system  47 ltr 
Axle (both front and rear axle)  28,5 ltr 
Transfer  4,4 ltr 
Operating brakes  Completely hydraulic dual-circuit system, running in oil bath multi-disc brakes on all wheels, service-free 
Parking brake  Operated mechanically, running in oil bath multi-disc brake, service-free 
Emergency brake  Uses the parking brake 
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic pump  Gear pump 
Working pressure  210 bar 
Circulating capacity of the hydraulic pump  123 ltr/min 
No. of boom/bucket cylinders.  2/1 
Type  Double-action 
Bore diameter stroke   
Boom cylinder  110 628 mm 
Bucket cylinder  110 452 mm 
Hydraulic control lever  Servo-controlled, 2-levers 
Hydraulic cycle with rated load bucket filling   
Raise time  5,8 s 
Lowering time (empty)  3,6 s 
Dumping time  1,1 s 
Steering System
System  Articulated frame steering 
Type  Completely hydraulic power steering 
Steering angle to either side  40 
Steering pump  Gear pump 
Working pressure  190 bar 
Pumping capacity  123 ltr/min 
No. of steering cylinders 
Type  Double-action 
Bore diameter stroke  55 375 mm 
Smallest turn (outer edge of the tyre 17.5 R25)  4.735 mm 
Two-door cabin in conformity with ISO 3471 with ROPS (roll over protective structure) in conformity with SAE J1040c and FOPS (falling object protective structure) in conformity with ISO 3449. The air-conditioned pressurised cabin is mounted upon hydrobearings and is noise dampened.