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Komatsu One
Get all the information about your machine on just one CD.
Komatsu One Now, a single CD-ROM is available that contains a complete set of documentation that's specifically about your machine. Find, view and print any part's description. Order the part with the touch of a key. It has never been so easy! "Komatsu One" reduces your time searching for spare parts, simplifies your access to key maintenance procedures, and helps you to prevent
ordering errors. All of these benefits will give you overall cost savings.
Electronic parts books
These CD-ROM parts books, with their graphical displays, feature powerful search engines
and filters. Simple and intuitive to use, you're sure to find the right part, the first time, every time.
Simple and error-free
Ordering: Just click on the required parts, and send an e-mail or fax to your Komatsu distributor.
Get it all
See the Operation Manual for operation and maintenance topics. And if you prefer it on
paper - simply select and print the page(s) of your choice!
Ask your disributor for a FREE demo version.  Komatsu