Junior Preventieadviseur level 2

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At this moment we are looking for a Junior Preventieadviseur level 2

Junior Preventieadviseur level 2 

The Junior Preventieadviseur level 2 helps to improve the safety and health policy and reports to the Head of Health & Safety. The Junior Preventieadviseur level 2 is often present on the work floor and acts as the first point of contact within the warehouse  for employees, managers and  union partners. He/she collects data by conducting tours, investigating incidents & accidents, processes it into a risk analysis and reports to the Head of Health & Safety. He/she works closely with KEPO warehouse & facility in developing safety improvements and encourages employees to think and act safely (coaching).



  • Daily safety audit + reporting.
  • Thematical audits (develop and maintain) + reporting.
  • Follow-up contractors regarding safety.
  • First aid  – check all first aid equipment on a regularly base and report first aid treatments.
  • Climate control & other measurements needed in the warehouse.
  • Detect and report environmental issues. 


  • Incidents & accidents + Follow-up.
  • Formulate safety  improvements on a regularly base to Head of Health and Safety.
  • Make Safety Circles on a regularly base (minimum 1x month).
  • Actively search for  the identification of hazards/risks (minimum 70% time in the WH).

Safety awareness

  • Stimulate employees to report.
  • Follow-up supervision.
  • Follow-up safety behavior on a regularly base and plan actions to improve.
  • Create safety training movies.
  • Actively approach employees on safety behaviour and do the reporting.


  • Implement and do the follow-up of all  safety related measurements in the WH. Frequently report the progress to head of health & safety.
  • Make monthly report on all safety activities to Head of Health and Safety + follow-up.
  • Follow-up personal use of all work clothes + PPE.
  • Follow-up maintenance (changing room, warehouse, waste area).
  • Follow-up of all WH-related action plans. Frequently report the progress to head of health & safety.
  • Prepare material for weekly Kepo Safety Meeting.
  • Active follow-up of welfare legislation.

Training & information

  • Creation and maintenance of all WH safety related instruction cards.
  • Keep DOJO up to date (safety information, new items, training,…) + plan training.
  • Keep all safety information boards up to date.
  • Prepare toolboxes and give toolbox-training on all safety & health related topics.
  • Execute safety induction-trainings for all new WH-workers.
  • Train supervision on all Health & Safety related topics.


  • Safety meetings
  • Make reports of all safety related meetings .
  • Attend CPBW and make report.
  • Monthly report to Head of H&S if all decisions and pending issues.
  • RA-document
  • Keep the RA document up to date.
  • Monthly report to Head of H&S .
  • Training registration
  • Follow-up all warehouse related training.
  • Meter/peter registration + training.
  • Health check-ups follow-up
  • Follow-up all check-ups and communication with the Warehouse.


To succeed in this role, you will need:

  • Minimal formal degree “preventieadviseur niveau 2“ or willing to obtain this certificate in the near future (2 years)
  • Good knowledge of MS Office Tools
  • Ability to work independently; clear ; friendly communication, ability to filter, to plan, to organize; multi-task oriented
  • Language skills: Dutch (mother language), French (well written and oral), English (technical professional knowledge written and oral)

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