Proud to Perform

Our tagline defines our long-term vision and represents what Komatsu Europe stands for, as a brand and as a company.
Proud to perform
Every action is a performance
Every action is a performance, where the jobsite is the stage, and the customer and his machine are in the spotlight, creating the show, while showing and sharing REAL pride. 
Proud to perform
Proud people

Proud customers

  • They can identify themselves: real and rough, that’s us!
  • They see action and performance
  • Focus on the product

Proud distributors

  • Performance is key
  • Komatsu makes a powerful commitment.
  • Distributors are assured to propose the best product on the market

Proud employees

  • They can identify themselves
  • Moves people to share their personal pride/story
  • Common vision that motivates


Proud to perform
Proud to Perform
  • We are different
  • We show emotion
  • We are real
  • We share our pride