Digital Transformation
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Smart Construction
A new way of working with Smart construction
Digital transformation is the most promising evolution currently faced by the construction industry. Thanks to technological advances such as the Internet of Things (IoT), it is now possible to bring, to an industry which met an almost null productivity increase those past 20 years, benefits of real time jobsite information, as we would see in a manufacturing process.
Smart Construction
Episode 1
Episode 1: Why Smart construction? Because it is the digital #transformation of the construction and earthmoving processes.
Smart Construction
Episode 2
Episode 2: Your digital transformation. Where to start?
DISCOVER Smart construction
"Today, Komatsu’s many years of skills and experience in manufacturing engineering have contributed to this unique vision for the improvement of the construction industry, and towards showing customers a new and better way of working on the jobsite.” Nori Onodera - Smart Construction, Komatsu Ltd
Smart Construction
Episode 3 (Part 1)
Episode 3: Your customer journey (Part 1). Where can Smart construction support you?
Smart Construction
Episode 4
Episode 4: The secret of a connected jobsite. 
Smart Construction
Episode 5 (Part 2)
Episode 5: Your customer journey (Part 2). Being more efficient is a never-ending journey