Careers in the Komatsu distribution network

Komatsu is represented by sales and service partners at more than 48 distributors throughout Europe. 

Our partners make the full portfolio of Komatsu products and services available to our customers.

This professional network offers a variety of interesting tasks throughout Europe - also in your area!

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A strong European distribution network
Komatsu high technology equipment is world renowned for its productivity, reliability, economical operation, ease of use and safety. As leaders in the industry, both in action and in thought, Komatsu Europe follows our brand’s long-standing philosophy: with a constant focus on innovation, we offer unique and unrivalled products, and provide top quality services to customers, to allow them to perform better and to achieve their goals.

Over the years, our work force has generated marvellous growth in many countries and markets, sharing common characteristics such as perseverance, efficiency and trustworthiness…the very image of Komatsu machines. 

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Komatsu is committed to move ahead with its Distributors and to create more value together.