Operator Training: Driving Academy

Training offers significant added value for both beginners and experienced operators, taking account current operating knowledge. Training courses cover efficient operation of construction machinery by operators. This can have a major influence on operating costs and on aspects relevant to safety.

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Operator training
The Komatsu Driving Academy
Through the Komatsu Driving Academy, we aim to give you the opportunity to train both existing and future employees. We also want to support you in your daily challenges and be your pathfinder, enabling you to react to market requirements with greater flexibility.
Operator training
Safety and function training

Operation of construction machinery requires a high level of competence. Our trainers will train machine operators in the safe use and function of Komatsu machinery in accordance with DGuV Regulation 101-003, BGR118.

Operator training
Basic training
Komatsu experts will train wheel loader and excavator operators in general operation by means of simulator-based and machine-based tasks. In addition, the training will also consolidate daily servicing activities as well as safe and productive use of the machine.
Operator training
Efficiency training
Data-based and practice-focused training for efficient machine operation. Detailed operational analysis with the Komatsu Edge analysis tool in typical customer applications.
Operator training
Mobile excavator training
Mobile excavator operators are trained in the general operation and in various practical tasks on the machine. The training includes modules from simulator and real-machine operation. In addition, the daily service tasks and safe and productive handling of the machine are consolidated.
Komatsu Hanover Innovation and Technical Center (HITeC)
The mainstay of the Komatsu Driving Academy is the Komatsu HITeC and adjacent test and demo area. This combination offers the ideal conditions for highly effective training courses. In addition to traditional theoretical and practical elements, training courses also include two virtual training instruments such as simulators and the Virtual Reality Room.
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