Environmental data

Komatsu has committed to halving CO2 emissions from 2010 levels by 2030 and we will work to achieve net zero CO2 emissions (carbon neutrality) from our production activities by 2050. In addition, we will deploy the relevant technologies at material suppliers and other partners to help them also achieve carbon neutrality in their operations. In implementing our policies for carbon neutrality initiatives at manufacturing plants, Komatsu will prioritize energy conservation initiatives for reducing energy consumption through production technology innovation, then energy generation initiatives for producing renewable energy in-house, and lastly, purchases of renewable energy.

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Environmental data
Environmental declaration
The information within this brochure is correct for Komatsu machines at time of manufacture when configured for sale within EU, European Economic Area, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The information contained is valid on the date of issue and may change without prior notice. For more up to date information, consult individual machine product brochures or operating and maintenance manuals.



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Our drive for carbon neutrality
The workplace conditions under which construction and mining equipment developed and produced by Komatsu is used can vary based on model and output. Accordingly, we are incorporating cutting-edge technologies to eliminate CO2 emissions from products by model and by output class.