Komatsu Germany GmbH - CSR Activities

Application training for students

Application Training at the Helene-Lange-Schule (28.03.2017)

A KGC-employee and a HR-intern participated in an application-training for 11th-graders from the Helene-Lange-Schule in Hanover. During the 5-hours long training, the KGC-employees informed a total of 80 pupils about avoidable mistakes in application docu-ments and job interviews. Besides that, the groups were informed about apprentice-ship and internship possibilities at KGC. 


Application / Selfmarketing Training for 9th-graders (08.02.2017)

Komatsu hosted an application training for 9th graders from a local high school with the support from the social institution JobLabor. The target is to provide them with info about job opportunities and also for them to gain experience in the application process in order to improve their chances of being accepted as an apprentice. Two HR-employees and a HR-intern organized and supported this event.

Vocational Orientation: Things to do after graduation (13.12 – 14.12.2017)

Two KGC-employees from the HR-department participated in a two-day project in a school in Celle, which is close to Hanover. The project aims to help 11th graders with vo-cational orientation. 50 students listened to the tips and information about the applica-tion process and possibilities after graduation, which the two KGC-employees gave to them. The group practiced job interview situations and informed themselves of ap-prenticeships, universities and year or semester study abroad programs.