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Raising enthusiasm for technology

KiTec: New partnership with local elementary school (Grundschule Suthwiesen)

Komatsu has entered a new partnership with a local elementary school. The content of the partnership concentrates on the KiTec-project which aims to raise awareness towards technology among young people. Teacher of this and other schools joined a training event to learn more about the tools and various materials and ways to teach them to the pupils.

Komatsu’s new KiTec-partner: Calenberger Schule in Hannover-Laatzen

Komatsu has a new cooperation partner for the KiTec-project: the elementary school Calenberger Schule in Hannover-Laatzen. The KiTec-project aims to trigger their interest in technology among young pupils. The school receives child-appropriate toolboxes and materials donated by Komatsu. After training the teachers, the implementation in the classes begins. During science-class, the pupils learn how to work with tools and differ-ent materials. They can work on different projects like building bridges and vehicles or learn how a power circuit works.