European Technical Center

The European development activities are coordinated from EUTD (European Technical Division), belonging to KEISA  (Komatsu Europe International N.V.) in Brussels.

The following Technical Centres are part of EUTD. 

  • EUTC1 – Komatsu UK Ltd. (KUK)  R&D
  • EUTC2 – Komatsu Germany GmbH – Construction (KGC) Development Group and  Maintenance & Working Gear
  • EUTC3 – Komatsu Italia Manufacturing S.p.A (KIM) R&D

They are based at the different Komatsu subsidiaries and support the development process of the machines manufactured at those sites.

Within EUTD development activities, the tasks are divided and the different Technical Centres support each other depending on development capacities and special knowledge. There is a constant process of communication and exchange with the target to offer Komatsu machines with a consistent concept, design and behaviour to our customers, in order to keep good features and continuously ensure Komatsu quality.


Concerning jobs and career at 


Different tasks and challenges exist amongst the fields of design, development and testing of construction machines. Often drawing on utilizing both technical and project planning disciplines.

In case you should be interested in a traineeship in our company,

Maintained machines:

Concerning maintenance and support of the machine series, there are specialists at the different Komatsu subsidiaries in Europe, who know the machines, some of which are developed in Japan, by heart.

Please see below which machine models are supported by the different departments.
KGC: Compact, small and middle size wheel loaders, wheeled excavators
KIM: Backhoe- loaders, skid steer loaders, mini excavators
KUK: Crawler excavators


  • New Development: The development department of Komatsu Germany (EUTC 2), located in Hannover is responsible for the research and development of compact wheel loaders and wheeled excavators.
  • Consigned Design: Komatsu Germany in Hanover performs worldwide development tasks for the Komatsu group. In the context of co-operation with Japanese development departments, new products and technologies emerge.
  • Test: Newly developed machines are checked thoroughly in our test center. Satisfactory durability, product life time, efficiency and performance are the targets of the testing.
  • Support of Production: The currently produced series is accompanied and supported by our engineers in terms of the improvement of constant product improvement and simplification for manufacture.
  • Equipment: CAD systems with 3D design software are part of the standard equipment as well as all kinds of necessary tools and modern technology such as a virtual reality room required for development and test.
  • Organisation: In order to provide a simplified, direct communication our hierarchy is intentionally flat structured.