History - Komatsu Germany GmbH – Industrial Division, Düsseldorf

Today's Komatsu Germany - Industrial Division includes the former Komatsu Industries Europe GmbH and the Nippei Toyama Corporation. In 2018 the affiliated companies were merged to Komatsu Germany - Industrial Division to strengthen the service network and presence in the European region. 


Chronological history - KOMAY:

1969 - KOMATSU-MAYPRES (KOMAY) was founded in Strassdorf. Started business with the import and sale of KOMATSU-MAYPRES and other machinery produced by Komatsu Ltd. Japan. 

1986 - Due to the expansion of the product portfolio, KOMAY changed the name to KOMATSU INDUSTRIES EUROPE GmbH in 1986. 

2018 - The company was merged with Komatsu Germany GmbH and now is represented by the Komatsu Germany – Industrial Division.

Chronological history - NTG:

1992 - NIPPEI TOYAMA Europe GmbH (NTG) was founded as a European subsidiary of NIPPEI TOYAMA Corporation. The first location for the office was in Recklinghausen. At the beginning NTG was a small service station to support customers in Europe. In the course of the merger of the parent company NIPPEI TOYAMA Corporation with Komatsu, NTG was relocated to Rüsselsheim. 

2008 - A joint office was opened there with the affiliated company Komatsu Industries Europe.

2018 - NTG merged with Komatsu Germany to establish Komatsu Germany - Industrial Division.