About us - Komatsu Germany GmbH – Mining Division, Düsseldorf

Komatsu Germany - Mining Division (KGM) is located in Düsseldorf-Benrath. Our success factors are close customer contacts, sustainability and environmental management. We offer attractive products and are the innovative engineering pioneers in the mining industry. Our prior commitment is to provide the maximum safety of our machines as well as superior quality and innovative solutions combined with individual services tailor-made to our customers’ needs.

We offer customized solutions, because every mine is different. Our customers are digging for different materials and facing challenging due to natural circumstances. In order to fulfill your business requirements under the toughest conditions, Komatsu specialized on providing our customers with tailor-made solutions. We offer different packages especially designed by our experience from more than 1100 machines in the field.

The KGM’s product range currently consists of

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Sustainable operation

All our machines come with the latest technologies. Therefore, we integrated Tier 4 final Diesel engines, which results in only 10 percent of the particulate matter output and 30 percent of the NOx emission outputs of Tier 1 engines. An exhaust after treatment system reduces dangerous NOx, and enables easy servicing of emissions components. The exhaust after treatment system by diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) enables this engine to achieve US EPA Tier 4 emission standards and the European EU V regulation. The new configuration includes an SCR catalyst assembly equipped on the machinery house roof and an additional DEF tank equipped on the machinery house roof close to the exhaust system. Engine settings have also been enhanced.  

Added to this, we integrated electric drives to all our machines, decades ago. We were the first manufacturer for ultra-large hydraulic excavators which integrated electric drives to the whole product range. Next to the diesel engine, we offer a sustainable electric drive to keep the emissions at a level of zero. Electric drives are especially a perfect match for mines with an integrated power supply. Although we significantly reduced the emissions with the solution of an electric drive, we grant the same productivity. A further benefit is the reduction of maintenance cycles and activities in general.

Creating value together

The selection of the appropriate equipment is essential for the success of your operation. The right product configuration is required to enable the most efficient production. Therefore we are helping you to select the right machine configuration. By talking to our customers, gathering field data and evaluating machine performance we have developed several packages matching your material and working environment best. In addition, for more detailed requirements, we are keen on providing the right solution.

Service solutions

We provide extensive service solutions like assembly and commissioning supervision trainings, operation trainings, preventive maintenance training and safety trainings.

Assembly of excavators requires detailed knowledge and a technical understanding. Especially, if our customers have a tight time schedule for getting the machine to work, we are able to provide them an assembly supervisor. Years of experience help our customers to assemble the excavator quicker and more safely. In order to increase production and a more efficient operation, the skills and performance of our customers’ operators are crucial. Therefore continuous training is mandatory to qualify the operators for the individual operation.

Preventive maintenance is the key to keep the machine running and to limit the downtimes. We provide you with a detailed guide for preventive maintenance activities allowing the shovel to work more reliable as unplanned downtime due to component failures are limited. In the end our customers are able to plan and control the maintenance activities much better, which results in higher machine performance. 

Safety matters are an incremental process in mining operation. Being safer also means higher quality, higher quality also resolves in higher production. We train our customers’ maintenance staff and operators how to optimize service and operate the excavator safely and avoid hazardous situations.

Manufacturing plant

Our plant is located in Düsseldorf-Benrath. For over 80 years we have been an integral part of the city. The property area is approximately about 109,000 m². Our plant is ISO-certified according to e.g. Quality DIN EN ISO 9001 and Environmental DIN EN ISO 14001.

Mining Shovel Technical Center

The Mining Shovel Technical Center (MSTC) combines the expertise of engineering, product development and administration departments. Spacious and transparent rooms are the distinguishing features of the Technical Center and make it a real eye-catcher in Düsseldorf.

Demo ground

The Demo Ground is exclusively for our customers and distributors. They can experience the state-of-the-art excavator "PC4000-11" in Wuppertal. This machine has the latest features on board e.g. KomVision, improved Safety measurements and environmental features. We offer this package to all of our customers and distributors. See the first steps of engineering, manufacturing to the excavator in action.