History - Komatsu Germany GmbH – Mining Division, Düsseldorf

Komatsu Germany – Mining Division (KGM) is headquartered in Düsseldorf, where the main engineering campus and manufacturing facility is located. Tradition goes back more than 100 years in enabling groundbreaking innovations in the field of mining equipment. We built the first fully hydraulic excavator in 1954 and have stayed technology leader ever since.

Today we manufacture five types of the hydraulic excavators between 250 - 763 tonnes and bucket volumes up to 42 cubic meters in either front shovel or backhoe configuration. As many of our excavators are used in the most uninhabitable places on earth, with extreme temperatures and soil conditions, we are above all focused on providing quality and reliability.

The results can be measured easily:

  • Since 1980, we have manufactured more than 1100 excavators, of which more than two-thirds are still in operation.
  • Nearly 90% of the units we sold in the last 35 years have been delivered to repeat customers.
  • The current unit with the most working hours is a PC 4000 which has worked almost 170,000 hours, which is the equivalent of more than 15 years continuous service 24/7/365.

Chronological history:

1907 Carlshütte builds first electric driven rope shovel in Duisburg
1925 Demag finally gains full control of Carlshütte
1954 First fully hydraulic excavator B504
1968 Start of excavator manufacturing
1972 Demag's first 100 t hydraulic shovel – H101
1978 First hydraulic mining shovel H241
1986 Worldwide largest hydraulic mining shovel H485
1996 Joint Venture – "Demag Komatsu GmbH"
1999 100% Komatsu acquisition – “Komatsu Mining Germany GmbH”
2005 PC3000-6 introduction
2006 PC5500 – 28 cum bucket
2007 100th anniversary of Komatsu Mining Germany
2008 MINExpo – Launch of the PC5500 Tier II – 29 cum bucket
2010 Launch of the PC8000 – Tier II
2012 MINExpo – Launch of the PC4000 Tier II
2016 Launch of the PC7000-6
2016 Komatsu Hanomag GmbH and Komatsu Mining Germany GmbH merged to Komatsu Germany GmbH 
2017 Opening of Mining Shovel Technical Center (MSTC) in Düsseldorf and farewell of 1000th mining excavator
2019 Farewell of the 100th PC8000 (class-leading)
2021 All machines as -11 and Tier 4 final diesel available for a sustainable operation