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The 36 tonne hybrid excavator, HB365, is a proven cost effective alternative to conventional hydraulic excavators.

Try our Carbon Footprint Calculator, and check how much liters of fuel and how many tonnes of CO2 you would have saved during a machine lifetime of 10 years. 

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On average, by using a hybrid excavator, you can reduce your fuel consumption and carbon footprint by 20%.
You could save 0 tonnes of CO2 emissions during the machine’s lifetime*

The calculator  compares the data of a conventional excavator versus HB365LC-3. 20% reduction is applied to conventional machine for fuel consumption and CO2 reduction. This is only an indication and actual results may differ. The calculator assumes 0.00248 Tonnes of CO2 emissions per Litre of Diesel fuel.

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Innovation is at the core of Komatsu's DNA. And in today's world of global warming and rising costs, the exclusive Komatsu Hybrid technology is your ideal combination of know-how, customer service and environmental responsibility.
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