Komatsu Europe introduces D51EXi/PXi-24 Dozer
Published on 2/22/2017

Power and versatility

Vilvoorde, February 2017 — Komatsu Europe announces the introduction of the D51EXi/PXi-24 dozer to the European market. This new model, equipped with a full factory- installed 3D GNSS Machine Control system, completes the full range of small to midsize dozers equipped with the market proven Intelligent Machine Control system.

Featuring all the advantages of the new D51-24 dozer, and enhanced with customer benefits offered only by Komatsu’s integrated intelligent system, the D51EXi/PXi-24 brings improved efficiency and reduced costs to customers.

With about 2.000 Intelligent Machine Control bulldozers serving over 700 customers around the world, we feel confident that the D51EXi/PXi-24 will meet with the same success as its predecessors


“We are very proud to present this latest Intelligent Machine Control bulldozer to the European market” says William Groven, Product Manager at Komatsu Europe. “In February, we will show the D51EXi/PXi-24 and its benefits in an active demonstration at the Samoter fair in Verona, Italy. With about 2.000 Intelligent Machine Control bulldozers serving over 700 customers around the world, we feel confident that the D51EXi/PXi-24 will meet with the same success as its predecessors”.

The innovative machine control system on the D51EXi/PXi-24 allows automated operation from heavy dozing to fine grading. It senses and controls the blade load to optimise the start of the cut and minimise track slip. Equipped dozers can greatly enhance work efficiency in any application, especially when a specific finished level must be guaranteed.

The system is fully integrated, there’s no need for operators to climb on the blade to install/remove GNSS antennas, no coiled cables to snag and no electrical connections to worry about at the start and end of every shift.

Available in either long track-on-ground (EX) or low ground pressure (PX) configuration, the D51EXi/PXi-24 crawler dozer offers flotation and weight distribution options, tailored to customers’ applications.

The new Komatsu dozer features a powerful and efficient 4.5 litres, 98 kW (131 HP), SAA4D107E-3 EU Stage IV emissions-certified engine, with a “Heavy-duty” aftertreatment system. A Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system is now added to the Komatsu Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (KDOC), which requires only passive regeneration - with no fuel wasted to clean the exhaust filter.

The D51EXi/PXi-24 proposes superior Komatsu durability and lower operating costs to customers. Wear life of Komatsu’s high quality components was further increased, and a new triple labyrinth seal now protects the final drive from dirt and damage.

The new high-comfort cab has an adjustable and heated, air suspension high back seat. Possibilities for fleet management are expanded thanks to an upgraded high-resolution TFT-LCD machine monitor, with ECO/POWER mode selection and operator identification. Job site safety is a key Komatsu value and a factory integrated rear view camera is included as standard. For the operator’s convenience, a shovel holder was added to the back of the machine.

The latest KOMTRAX™ telematics, and the Komatsu Care® maintenance program offer top fleet management and support, protect the machine against misuse and guarantee maximum efficiency and uptime.

Information in this news release is current on the date of the announcement and is subject to change without notice.

- All comparisons are to the Komatsu model D51-23 unless otherwise specifically stated.
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