Komatsu Europe introduces PC210LCi-11 and PC290LCi / NLCi-11 Excavators
Published on 6/25/2020

With intelligent Machine Control 2.0

Vilvoorde, June 2020 — Komatsu Europe is pleased to announce the launch of the new PC210LCi-11, PC290LCi-11 and PC290NLCi-11 excavators with intelligent Machine Control 2.0. (iMC 2.0). Building on the success of Komatsu’s iconic and pioneering fully factory-integrated machine control, these new models for the European market further expand the range, and enable more customers to experience the benefits of Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control. The brand new iMC 2.0 features introduced on these machines will deliver even higher productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

 The introduction of these new iMC 2.0 machines re-affirms Komatsu’s lead in this space    

“With machine control being an ever-growing trend in the construction industry, the introduction of these new iMC 2.0 machines re-affirms Komatsu’s lead in this space” says Rob Macintyre, Product Manager at Komatsu Europe. “The original and best machine control system just got better!”

The new excavators have all the standard safety, comfort and maintenance features and benefits for which Komatsu excavators have become world renowned best sellers.

Operating weights of the PC210LCi-11 range from 22,120 to 23,580 kg, and it has a maximum recommended bucket capacity of 1.65 m3. The fuel efficient, EU Stage V Komatsu engine has a power output of 123 kW / 165 HP @ 2000 rpm.

The PC290LCi/NLCi-11 operating weights range from 28,950 to 30,950kg, with a bucket capacity of 2.02 m3 , their EU Stage V Komatsu engines have a power output of 159 kW / 196 HP @ 2050 rpm.

The latest KOMTRAX telematics, and the Komatsu Care maintenance program for customers, offer top fleet management and support, protect the machine against misuse and guarantee maximum efficiency and uptime.

Komatsu “intelligent Machine Control 2.0”

Launched in 2013, Komatsu’s fully factory integrated intelligent Machine Control system today counts over 1 Million customer operation hours on excavators in Europe alone. Fully supported by a network of highly experienced, Komatsu distributor Technology Solutions Experts, it has provided Komatsu customers with field proven, automated digging control and market leading levels of quality, reliability, accuracy and performance.

Today, the European market introduction of the new PC210LCi-11, PC290LCi-11 and PC290NLCi-11, brings along with it several new intelligent features that further boost machine and jobsite productivity and efficiency.

The new Komatsu Auto Tilt Control for tilting buckets makes operations on slope and ditch work easier, and automatically limits under-digging and increases bucket fill. The bucket automatically tilts to design surface with no need for the operator to manually intervene.

With new Bucket Angle Hold the operator no longer needs to use the lever to maintain the bucket angle through grading pass. Once the desired angle is selected, this feature automatically maintains it as the arm moves in.

A new iMC 2.0 monitor provides unrivalled ergonomics and intuitive smart phone like screen navigation features. Slimmer, lighter and more compact, it has increased memory capacity and lightning fast processing speed.

Komatsu intelligent Machine Control 2.0 also provides customers with new levels of flexibility and value thanks to the introduction of a new IMU sensor for tilt buckets. Easily mounted and calibrated, it increases attachment and machine utilisation, allowing different tilting buckets to be fully integrated to the excavator’s control system.

The new PC210LCi-11, PC290LCi-11 and PC290NLCi-11 also carry over the original Komatsu intelligent Machine Control features of Auto Stop Control, Auto Grade Assist & Minimum Distance Control which over many hours of operation, have assisted operators move material safely, quickly and easily without having to worry about digging too deep.

Rob Macintyre adds “Feedback from operators is that Komatsu intelligent Machine Control features really complement their skill levels, allowing them to focus on being productive with every pass of the bucket. With intelligent Machine Control 2.0 we’re delivering even greater productivity, efficiency and cost savings to our customers.”

PC210LCi-11, PC290LCi/ NLCi -11 – New features and Benefits

  • NEW - Auto Tilt Control
    Automatically tilts bucket to design
    Automatically keeps the full bucket edge on the surface
    Automatically limits under-digging & increases bucket fill
    Vastly increases ease of operation on slope and ditch work
    Makes delivering final grade quicker and easier
  • NEW - Bucket Angle Hold
    Automatically maintains bucket angle as arm moves in
    Significantly increases ease of operation on final grading and trimming work
    Surfaces are delivered to the final desired quality quicker and easier
  • NEW – Slimmer, more compact iMC 2.0 monitor
    36% slimmer, 38% lighter
    Easier positioning for operator
    Improved multi-touch screen navigation
    Increased memory capacity and processing speed
  • NEW – Tilt Bucket Integration through IMU sensor
    IMU sensor can be mounted on varied types and shapes of tilting bucket
    Easy calibration to fully integrate multiple tilting buckets to iMC excavator
    Increased flexibility for the customer
    Increased machine and attachment utilisation
  • iMC 2.0: The original and best excavator machine control system just got better!
    New features boosting machine and jobsite efficiency
    Fully factory integrated
    Over 1 Million customer hours in Europe
    Fully supported by highly experienced Komatsu distributor Technical Solutions Experts
    Quality, Reliability, Accuracy and Performance backed by Komatsu


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