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Komatsu KomVision and ISO5006:2017
Published on 3/19/2018

Innovative safety solutions.

Vilvoorde March 2018 – January 2018 saw the implementation of “ISO5006:2017”, the new ISO visibility testing standard incorporated into the EU standard, “EN474-1 Earthmoving Machinery Safety”. As such, Komatsu complies with ISO5006:2017 from January 2018. Whilst the new standard covers all earthmoving machinery, existing visibility systems on many Komatsu products don’t require any revision to comply.

The major change for Komatsu is the introduction of “KomVision” as a standard safety feature on excavators.

Fitted as standard to applicable Komatsu excavators from January 2018, KomVision goes beyond safety regulations. A visual aid, designed to help avoid contacts or collisions due to blind spots, KomVision gives the operator a real-time bird’s eye view of the machine’s immediate surroundings. Designed, developed and manufactured by Komatsu, the fully integrated KomVision driver assistance development offers seamless connectivity between the driver, the product, and the immediate jobsite, for ultimate peace of mind.

With a series of high definition networked cameras fitted on the machine, KomVision provides a crystal clear, real-time bird’s eye view of the immediate surroundings on the widescreen cab monitor. The driver can quickly and easily check the machine’s vicinity prior to making any movements.

Safety is Komatsu’s number one priority and is non-negotiable

 Jim Venerus, Komatsu Europe Product Marketing General Manager said “Safety is Komatsu’s number one priority and is non-negotiable. That’s why we introduced the KomVision system as standard. Meeting regulations and avoiding blind spots is only one part of the task, the real challenge for such system developments is providing the right information at the appropriate time to allow fast and effective decision making without distracting or overloading the driver with needless information. Customer feedback confirms that KomVision delivers.”

Jason Ong, Komatsu Europe EU Technical Regulations General Manager added “The introduction of a surround view system illustrates that Komatsu is technology-led in all aspects of machine development including the all-important area of safety. We closely follow, and participate in, the development of European safety legislation for our industry and strive to deliver our customers solutions that exceed expectations.”

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