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Drones, Ai, robotics and earthmovers: Welcome to the construction industry
Published on 2/24/2020

What will be your job in 5 years?  It’s your choice. Keep counting the hours or decide to let us help change the way you work. With Smart Construction you will use advanced technologies, command robotic machines and fly drones, all while being paid to build a new world. The new construction industry embraces innovation and technology. And it needs a talented workforce.

Smart Construction

The recent technological advances are already shaping up to be the biggest evolution in the construction industry since the introduction of engine-powered machines. Teams like Smart Construction are hard at work coming up with new incredible innovations. We are helping to elevate your workload by implementing smart solutions. This means that your workplace will become safer and more comfortable than ever before. Working in construction used to mean spending 70% of your day outside. You now have the tools and data to let you perform 70% of your work indoors, with a cup of steaming coffee beside you and a smile on your face. 

The introduction of advanced technologies has made these changes possible. The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotics, drones and other forms of cutting-edge technology are becoming increasingly common throughout the industry. They are the tools you’ll be working with.

Technology in action

There was a time when surveyors would walk around job sites to take measurements. Nowadays? You use drones and software to create highly accurate, high-resolution, 3D topographical maps. You capture all this information you need far more quickly and efficiently. Perfect for anyone who loves to end the day feeling they’ve accomplished a great deal. 

These 3D topographical maps tell you where to dig, fill or compact different areas on a job site. Take a little time away from your desk to put your excavator, dozer or roller into action where it’s needed. With intelligent Machine Control technology and sensors, it’s easy for you to fine-tune the movements of your machine to create the landscape required, accurate to the smallest detail. 

Tomorrow? You might question whether you’ve created exactly what was needed. No problem. You’ll use 3D Visualisation Technology that shows you any differences between how things actually are and how they need to be. Awesome technology. A simple solution.

point cloud map

Never stop innovating

You’ll be part of an industry that’s genuinely focused on the future. Where teams like Smart Construction are always thinking about how to progress. New innovations. More advanced technology. Greater safety. Anything that improves the way you, and your co-workers, do what you do. It’s through this line of thinking that we see the construction industry of the future. As operators, you and your colleagues are assisted by autonomous machines that dig and fill autonomous dump trucks. You monitor them as they drive themselves around the job site and dump their material, which is then flattened by autonomous rollers. You work on a clean, smart job site, where efficiency, productivity and safety are the rule. Welcome to the Smart Construction workforce.

Apply for a job in construction today and become a digital pioneer.


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