Komatsu Demo Machine Sale 2020
Published on 11/25/2020

Komatsu Demo Machine Sale – Your Chance to Make a Bargain

Across Europe, Komatsu runs seven main production sites. In Este (Italy), Newcastle (UK) and Hannover (Germany) they also propose a Test & Demo area, used for customer visits, trainings and development. On these dedicated areas, Komatsu makes available the latest models of the European product range. And at the end of each year, these demo machines are sold and replaced with the latest models.
This year’s Komatsu demo machine sale has now started. It offers many benefits to potential customers.

For customer visits and trainings,  the latest models are always available at all Test & Demo areas. Komatsu product experts, who support these events, can adjust their advice to the most modern technologies Komatsu currently offers. And with the ongoing yearly sale, customers now also have the chance to purchase used machines for an attractive price, and at the same conditions as for a new machine.

“This year we again offer the whole range, first for intensive testing and then for sale – from (intelligent) hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, hybrid excavators, utility machines to wheel loaders, as well as mobile excavators and dump trucks.” explains Giovanni Guidi, Used Equipment & Demo Manager at Komatsu Europe International. “Besides the beneficial price, you also have a chance to get a machine with only a few working hours. This is because not all our demo units are used in the same way. Some of them were for example displayed statically only.“ adds Guidi.

Another benefit for the customer, is the fact that all these demo units are sold under the same conditions as a brand new machine, like with a standard guarantee.

If you are interested in this offer, please contact your responsible distributor. If you are not sure who the distributor in charge of your area is, just have a look at our dealer locator , where you can easily find the closest branch, along with more information about the European product range.