Komatsu Europe launches HD1500-8 Rigid Dump Truck
Published on 7/9/2018

First CE-certified HD1500 model

Vilvoorde, July 2018 – Packed with new and improved features, the Komatsu HD1500-8 Rigid Dump Truck combines industry-leading characteristics with genuine Komatsu design and the latest technology to bring unrivalled value to customers. With low fuel consumption, first-class operator comfort, improved safety features, the new HD1500-8 achieves the highest level of productivity, reliability & safety.

Its key components, such as the mainframe, transmission and rear axle, were designed per the latest technology and durability standards to enable owners to cut down on repair expenses, prolong overhaul intervals and reduce their total cost of ownership.

Komatsu has also made use of the latest developments in Information Communications Technology (ICT) to further improve the HD1500-8’s reliability and maintainability, increase site and operator safety, and enhance productivity and efficiency.

It’s a completely new machine, re-designed using principles developed by the Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table to ensure the highest safety standards

 “We are proud to introduce the Komatsu HD1500-8 and delighted to announce that this 142-tonne rigid dump truck is CE certified and now available for sale in Europe” says Jeroen De Roeck, Product Manager at Komatsu Europe. “It’s a completely new machine, re-designed using principles developed by the Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table (EMESRT) to ensure the highest safety standards.”

The latest KOMTRAX Plus telematics enables expanded monitoring of the fleet via satellite and wireless LAN. Users can analyse machine health and performance from a remote location. This includes component condition and trend data. By making this critical information readily accessible, KOMTRAX Plus is an effective tool to maximise productivity and lower operating costs.

For improved safety, Komatsu KomVision is standard: with 6 networked high definition cameras, it creates a real-time bird’s-eye view on the cab monitor, and eliminates the blind spots on the rear and sides of the machine.

Power and fuel efficiency
Power comes from a 16-cylinder high performance Komatsu SDA16V159-3 engine, rated at 1,175 kW / 1,576 HP @ 1,900 rpm. It delivers greater acceleration and higher travel speeds with a great horsepower-to-ton rate, high torque at low speeds and impressive acceleration, to ensure maximum productivity with low fuel consumption. The latest Komatsu “On Demand” energy-saving technologies, such as variable displacement pumps for the steering and hoist circuits, also lowers fuel consumption and maintains high productivity.

For increased productivity and safety, a newly designed transmission system offers a seven-speed automatic transmission with selectable reverse gear ratio.

The operator can easily switch between operating modes, with a choice of “Power” or “Economy” depending on conditions and haul road profiles, and the ECO fuel-saving guidance on the in-cab monitor, further helps to provide fuel-efficient operations.

Optimised operations
The engine’s efficiency combines with electronically-controlled technologies designed to optimise operations. The K-Atomics, an electronic shift control with automatic clutch modulation in all gears, optimises clutch engagement for smoother shifting without any loss of torque.

Komatsu Traction Control System (KTCS); continuously – and automatically – monitors the rear wheels’ rotating speeds and vehicle speed to minimise wheel slip, maximising traction, improving productivity and extending tyre life.

Komatsu Automatic Retard Speed Control (ARSC) allows the operator to easily set a downhill travel speed, to go down inclines at a constant speed, and to fully concentrate on steering.

Reliability and durability
Cast-steel components are used in critical areas of the main high-rigidity frame where loads and shocks are most concentrated. The standard dump body is made of high-tensile strength steel for excellent rigidity and low maintenance cost. The V-shape and V-bottom design contribute to the structural strength. The front, side and bottom plates of the dump body are reinforced with lateral and longitudinal bolsters.

The payload monitoring system (PLM) manages the payload of each hauling cycle and analyses the truck’s production volume and working conditions for a specific period. Loaded weight is displayed in real time, both on the cab’s monitor and by external display lamps.

The PLM has also allowed Komatsu to introduce a “loading policy” for the truck, with guidelines for ensuring that correct target payloads are achieved every haul cycle – for maximum productivity, reduced operating costs, and an extended life for the tyres, brakes and other components.

Convenient maintenance and servicing
Improved maintainability was also an important design target for the Komatsu HD1500-8.

A battery disconnect switch is located on the left side of the vehicle, and is accessible from the ground level. The service centre is conveniently located on the bottom part of the steering/hoist tank for the easy changing of engine oil, coolant, transmission oil, steering hoist oil, and brake cooling oil. Filters are also centralised, and an auto-greasing system automatically supplies grease to each point after a pre-set number of hours, with its reservoir’s refill port accessible from ground level.

The engine cooling fan drive belt tension is maintained by the auto tensioner pulley and is maintenance-free. Radiator tubes are easily replaced: individual cooling tubes are held in headers with flexible seals for quick removal and installation.

Comfortable and Safe
Safety and operator comfort on the HD1500-8 include a new ergonomically-designed cab providing a convenient control layout and comfortable environment for more confident work and greater productivity.

Excellent heating/cooling capacity and air flow is insured throughout the year. The fabric-covered, air-suspension seat is adjustable to the operator’s weight and height. It dampens vibrations transmitted from the cab floor and helps to reduce operator’s fatigue. A seat heater and a ventilator are equipped as standard.

The low noise engine, large capacity viscous cab mountings, hydro-pneumatic suspension system and independent McPherson strut type suspension on the front wheels provide a low vibration, with reduced in-cab noise levels of 75 dBA.

These features, combined with the additional operator feedback, monitoring and situational awareness systems, and with the centralised maintenance locations, make the HD1500-8 a truck safe to operate, maintain and work around.

HD1500-8 features and benefits

  • Increased engine power – Maximised productivity with low fuel consumption
  • Large capacity retarder – Maximised productivity Komatsu Traction Control System (KTCS) – Maximised productivity
  • Selectable working modes and energy saving operation – Optimised efficiency.
  • Newly, ergonomically designed operator cab – Improved operator comfort
  • Heated & ventilated air suspension seat – Improved operator comfort Extended OV interval & increase durability - Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Fuel, oil & coolant fast fill connection (Wiggins) – Reduced costly downtime Service centre – Convenient maintenance
  • Access & egress stairway with gentle slope – Safe working environment
  • KomVision with camera and radar for industry leading safety – Peace of Mind
  • Engine shut down switch – Safety first
  • Updated KOMTRAX-Plus – Convenient machine follow-up & fleet management

Information in this news release is current on the date of the announcement and is subject to change without notice.

Note: KOMTRAX-Plus is a trademark registered by Komatsu Ltd.


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