Komatsu Europe introduces HD325-8 and HD405-8 Rigid Dump Trucks
Published on 5/10/2017

Increased productivity, improved access and all-new operator environment

Vilvoorde May 2017 – Komatsu Europe International N.V. announces the new HD325-8 and HD405-8 rigid dump trucks. These latest additions to the Komatsu rigid frame truck family combine increased engine power and the Komatsu Traction Control System (KTCS) for improved productivity. They feature payload capacities of 36,5 and 40 metric tonnes respectively and replace the HD325-7 and HD405-7 models.

Both new trucks feature a EU Stage IV certified Komatsu SAA6D140-7 engine that puts out 386 kW (518 HP). The latest engine technology from Komatsu also reduces fuel consumption. The optional Komatsu Traction Control System (KTCS) automatically applies the brakes independently to achieve optimum traction in varying ground conditions. Because the system operates without the need for differential lock-up, steering performance is not compromised.


The new HD325-8 and HD405-8 are designed to offer maximized productivity with a low operational cost


“With the integration of the latest Komatsu engine technology, the new HD325-8 and HD405-8 are designed to offer a maximized productivity with a low operational cost” says Jeroen De Roeck, Product Manager at Komatsu Europe. “The new spacious and ergonomic operator cab, with fully adjustable, heated and ventilated operator seat, provides a first-class, comfortable work environment”.

The latest KOMTRAX™ telematics, and the Komatsu Care® maintenance program, offer top fleet management and support, protect the machine against misuse and guarantee maximum efficiency and uptime.

Other new standard features for the two new trucks include a seven-inch LCD colour monitor, a dedicated rear-view monitor, fast-fill fuel system and a premium heated and ventilated operator’s seat with air suspension. Front access is improved with sloped stairs and handrails, in place of the previous ladder configuration.

A Payload Meter (PLM) manages the payload of each hauling cycle and analyses the truck’s production volume and working conditions for a specific period. Loaded weight is displayed in real time, both on the cab’s monitor and by external display lamps.

Standard features of the new HD325-8 AND HD405-8:

Komatsu Engine Technology
• The powerful SAA6D140-7 engine provides 386 kW (518 HP).
• The hydraulically actuated Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) ensure precise operation and quick engine response.
• Maintenance of engines is simplified with enhanced monitor panel capability and service features.
• KOMTRAX™ and the monitor panel provide critical information for easy monitoring and key data for production management.
• Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) and other after-treatment components are designed in conjunction with the engine for efficiency and long life.
• Automatic KDPF regeneration is performed passively, with no action required of the operator and no interference with machine operation.
• Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system

New In-Cab Enhancements/Features
• New, air-suspension, high-back, ventilated and heated seat softens machine vibrations for operator comfort and cast frame members increase strength.
• Seven-inch, full colour, high resolution monitor delivers a sharp picture and vivid colours, even in harsh light.
• Komatsu Auto Idle Shutdown can reduce idle time and save fuel.
• Separate, full colour, rear-view monitor with improved line-of-sight.
• Pioneering KOMTRAX™ telematics system and monitor provides key machine metrics, including KDPF status, fuel consumption, plus performance information collected and sorted by operator ID.
• Auxiliary jack and two 12 volt ports.

Additional Features/Benefits
• Angled front access stairs with handrails are now standard for both sides of the machine.
• Komatsu Advanced Transmission with Optimum Modulation Control System (K-ATOMiCS) adjusts shifting performance per demand for a more comfortable ride and reduced material spillage.
• Integrated and highly responsive retarder with big retarder absorbing capacity.
• Automatic Retard Speed Control (ARSC) automatically maintains a selected downhill travel speed (rather than engine RPM) that is appropriate for the grade.
• Komatsu integrated payload meter (PLM) data is available on the machine monitor and remotely via the web.
• Tight turning radius with MacPherson strut front suspension.
• Hydropneumatic suspension system for a smooth ride. Information in this news release is current on the date of the announcement and is subject to change without notice.

- Komatsu CARE® and KOMTRAX™ are registered trademarks of Komatsu Ltd.
- All comparisons are to the HD325-7 and HD405-7 models


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