Komatsu targets carbon neutrality by 2050
Published on 6/21/2022

A vision for the workplace of the future



Düsseldorf, June 2022 —  Komatsu has put forth a long-term goal for 2050 of achieving carbon neutrality, or virtually zero carbon emissions, along with a commitment for 2030 to half CO2 emissions from product operations from their levels in 2010, and to increase the rate of renewable energy they use to 50%. In addition, Komatsu will deploy the relevant technologies at material suppliers and other partners to help them also achieve carbon neutrality in their operations.


Komatsu is adopting a two-pronged approach toward this drastic reduction. With about 90 percent of the total CO2 being emitted by products in use, the first prong is to increase the equipment’s work and fuel efficiency, and to transition from diesel and other internal combustion engines to cleaner power sources, including hybrid and electric engines and fuel cells.


The second prong is the improvement of processes. CO2 emissions will be lowered also by optimizing customers’ workplace operations and processes, to reduce the amount of equipment needed along with actual operating hours. Komatsu is, for instance; committed to optimise construction by evolving its Smart Construction solution, to expand the forestry machinery business, which supports a sustainable forest management cycle of planting, cultivating, and harvesting, and to strengthen its Reman operations, used by Komatsu to remanufacture, and reuse components.  


In implementing its policies for carbon neutrality initiatives at production bases, Komatsu will prioritize energy conservation initiatives for reducing energy consumption through production technology innovation, then energy generation initiatives for producing renewable energy in-house, and, lastly, purchases of renewable energy.


By strengthening these business efforts, Komatsu hopes to not only contribute to CO2 reductions in society, but also to achieve DANTOTSU Value (a positive cycle of improving earnings and solving ESG issues through the creation of customer value).

“Creating value together” is the brand promise Komatsu made for the company’s 100th anniversary in 2021. Looking to the next 100 years, Komatsu will remain committed to Quality and Reliability, and continues to move forward as it creates value through manufacturing and technology innovation to empower a sustainable future where people, businesses, and our planet thrive together. 


About Komatsu

Komatsu is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment, technologies and services for the construction, forklift, mining, industrial and forestry markets. For over a century, Komatsu equipment and services have been used by companies worldwide to develop modern infrastructure, extract fundamental minerals, maintain forests and create technology and consumer products. The company’s global service and distributor networks support customer operations, tapping into the power of data and technology to enhance safety and productivity while optimizing performance.


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