Intelligent Machine Control excavators


intelligent Machine Control 2.0

The PC290LCi-11 & PC290NLCi-11 with iMC 2.0 further expands the range enabling more customers to benefit from Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control. New, fully factory integrated features limit under and over digging, increase ease of operation and maximise machine and attachment utilisation.

  • Customer driven and customer proven
  • Fully supported by Komatsu distributor technical experts
  • Quality, reliability, accuracy and performance backed by Komatsu
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Engine Power
159/213 kW/HP
Bucket Capacity
2,02 m³
Digging Depth
6,82 m
Operating Weight
28,95-30,95 t.
“With iMC 2.0 - the original and best machine control system just got better!”
“With iMC 2.0 - the original and best machine control system just got better!”
Better - Faster- Smarter
intelligent Machine Control
Better - Faster- Smarter
Komatsu’s proven intelligent Machine Control concept has now penetrated markets worldwide. Thousands of operators and owners enjoy the safety and precision of Komatsu’s exclusive technology, factory fitted on both dozers and excavators, and the outstanding improvement in productivity it brings to the jobsite. Customer productivity is the driving principle behind Komatsu intelligent Machine Control.
Intelligent Excavators
intelligent Machine Control
Intelligent Excavators
The exclusive control function lets you focus on moving material efficiently, with no worry about digging too deep or damaging the target surface. From rough digging to finish grading, a Komatsu intelligent excavator drastically improves productivity, precision and safety on work sites. 
Hydraulic excavators will never be the same again.